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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
that's purely all speculation on your part about what he wants. i said he MAY ask for significantly less because, unlike KG, TD is more about winning and knows his limitations at this point of his career. Duncan knows (barring the FO telling him about a trade they're trying to do to make the team better) if he takes his actual worth, he'll be on the losing end for his next contract (and we don't have Bird Rights on Diaw, so we would probably not re-sign him either).

if Duncan truly hates Garnett, i doubt going the Garnett route on anything (including taking a huge contract and not improving like the Celtics most likely will be doing) would be his mindset. also remember, KG never said he'd return to the Celtics. that is the most likely reason they paid him that. Duncan, on the other hand, said before the season ended he's a Spur for life. You don't say that and say you're going to be back unless you know you have to give up a lot of cash in my opinion.
Point taken. But it's also speculation to think he will take less money then Kwame Brown did last year. People thought Nash would sign here....get real. He is not interested in SA. He won't back up anybody and will not enjoy doing a double point guard set either because he would have to guard more than likely a big guard. Go to the history books........players want to get paid the most at any age or stage of their career. More times than not. Do I want him to take 7 million sure I do. But I also think it's highly unlikely. If he wants more than what I proposed.....C-YA TIMMY!
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