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Blair is inexpensive, talented and has impact for this team. WHY would the Spurs be getting rid of this guy? It doesn't make too much sense unless...

I) The Spurs are really going to go after Roy Hibbert as has been rumored since Tim Duncan worked out with him during the lockout. Hibbert is restricted, but the Spurs could try to top load the contract and try to steal him from Indiana. This guy is arguably the second best free agent out there. A young All-Star that Duncan could help pass the torch to.

II) The Spurs are going to try to land Chris Kaman, who the Spurs really wanted. Yes, he is ugly, but the Spurs have tried on multiple occasions to land this guy and he was the sixth overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft.

III) Pop just doesn't like Blair and there is no way Blair is getting out of his doghouse.
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