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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Ryan Anderson is just out of reach. I don't see a scenario where we could get him. Am I missing something? That has nothing to do with Bonner unless you can figure out a way plausibly it could happen.

If we could get a draft pick in the 17-25 range for Bonner, I'd probably do it. That could get us, like you mention, Royce White. Or Perry Jones, Quincy Miller, Fab Melo, Jared Sullinger. A few guys on that short list with shooting range, all have some size/length, some low-post banging potential and shotblocking. Take your pick. I'm not against that, just don't think Bonner buys you a first rounder in that area (since it took a guy of George Hill's caliber to get us into the mid-first round of a worse draft).

Personally I would prefer to keep Bonner as a mistake-free player with a specialty skill set and dump Blair, whose primary weapon is his rebounding but his rebounding rate plummeted last season.

Rashard Lewis I would take, but why then does it mean we have to get rid of Bonner? You need guys to fill out a roster, and while I don't want to count on Bonner to make big shots in the playoffs, I like him as a guy you can put out there who won't screw things up by making boneheaded plays (which you can't say about Blair) and who will be guaranteed to play hard on both sides of the ball.

It's a long season. We need if not Bonner, guys like Bonner we can count on for the long grind, not just guys who are clutch.
I would think a combo of blair and bonner could get us up there in the draft.
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