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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post

So Bonner was huge part of why we got 1st seed although he faded before the later run in March and April? Spurs made it there for what? To lose again? He is a part of the playoff bums that make us lose, forget that #1 seed if you don't get to the finals nor win it! Who cares at all really if you aren't going to make them a better team in the playoffs nor show up? Seriously whats the point?
Man alive, Spurs fans are spoiled.

There are 14 teams that would have loved to have made the playoffs.
One of those teams hasn't seen the playoffs in 3 years, even though it's led by one Luis Scola.
There are another dozen that would have loved to have participated in the conference finals. Like the defending champs. Or the entitled Lakers.

How about a little appreciation for what the Spurs accomplished?
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