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Originally Posted by gpspursgo15 View Post
Let's take a page out of Jackie Moon's book and trade him for a washing machine (although Moon trade his Machine for Monnox). Listen, I am the biggest hater of old Fire Crotch. He is Memet Okur Streaky with no D. Everyone in the league knows it to. I dont even think the Bobcats would trade for him. Matt Bonner's fate remains in the dwindling days left on his contract. We will have to put up with him until it runs out. Then the world will realize that anything more than a whirlpool puts him in the overpaid category. The "Big Pasty" will then retire and slip slowly into the world of Real Estate some where in New Braunfels and then spurs fans can go on with their lives. Until then we are stuck believing the lie that when he makes 5 three's in a game, he is actually worth a hoot, only to have our face on the floor when he brings us a Mark Madsen performance in the playoffs.

But I digress
Love that movie semi pro.
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