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Your Matt Bonner trade ideas

I got one for you guys. More of a cap shaver for the other team.

Heat receive Bonner.

Spurs receive Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, and pick #27.

Why Miami does it?

Well Juwan Howard is old and non productive first off. With Mike Miller sucking gonads they need more 3 point shooters. Bonner fits the bill with size and shooting. Juwan please retire after your team wins the championship. This move is mainly done due to Joel Anthony having an extra year on his deal. Heat are in luxury tax hell. This gives them some breathing space. They do not play these guys anymore so they won't miss them much. Miller could be amnesty material. The main thing here is cap savings.

Why SA does it?

Simple they get a tall shot blocker in Joel Anthony. Pittman is a project but has already shown he is not afraid to lay the wood down on someone. Pick #27 gets them back into the mix in the first round. Also with Lorbek looking to come over when would Matt Bonner play anyway? At least the other guys are centers. Makes sense across the board for both teams.
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