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Originally Posted by joyner View Post
There's no way we can trade to the top 10 picks in the draft without trading Parker. Nothing else we have is worth it.
Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

i think moving into the top 10 is out of the question unless you send Parker. you don't trade scrubs who are 2nd/3rd tier for a prospect that is expected to change around a whole franchise. it doesn't matter the needs of the opposing team because you can draft a really good young player and sign the likes of Cory Joseph/Gary Neal through free agency and you can find a guy who plays like Bonner (it wouldn't be a stretch either or you can get a SF who can stretch the floor since Bonner doesn't play PF in any sense of the position) for WAY less than he's earning right now.

i'd rather try to trade our scrubs for around the 15th pick or so to get a Perry Jones type player. we need a guy who is tall enough to play the PF/C position for us and at the same time play the SF position.

I don't doubt that the front office is trying to make a move. I know I'm probably in the minority who believe that we might be able to make a move without giving up Tony Parker, and possibly Manu Ginobilli. There are a few teams in the lottery that have bad contracts they want to get rid of, and the only way to entice another team to take on that contract is to throw their pick into the trade to make it happen. I have said a few times now, that we shouldn't underestimate a team's desire to cut their payroll. I'm sticking to my belief that the Spurs will make a move that none of us saw coming, that could be the biggest surprise of the day....a huge pleasant surprise.
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