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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
If you trade for Blatche, you can't use the amnesty provision on him.
Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
The Spurs can't amnesty Blatche and it would be cheaper to amnesty Bonner and move Splitter cost wise. I think a more realistic trade is Bonner and Splitter for Blatche, the draft rights to Emir Preldzic, 3million cash and picks #35 and #47. Only because you got the Wizards taking that #3 pick in this type of draft. I can see them move back but not totally out of the lottery. I'm not that big on Blatche but the Spurs can get their 2011-2012 luxury tax bill paid for and add two decent secound rounders. Blatche has potential and the rights to a very decent Euro SF makes it worth the Spurs pulling the trigger with the additional financial/draft considerations. The Spurs can sit on those picks or trade up. Also to note on Emir Preldzic that he was part of the package used by the Cavs to trade for Antawn Jamison. He was drafted in 2009. This player can shoot and pass. He has the ability to excel and play in an NBA pro offense and competes in high level competition in the Euro League. I do think the Wizards would love to move Blatche in a heartbeat but not at the cost of a premium lotto pick. Lewis has a huge buyout so he is not an amnesty target believe it or not. Which opens it up for the Wizards to use it on AB. Wizards could amnesty Blatche but at 3 more years that's a high cost to pay. Having those potential two second rounders could vault the Spurs back in the first round and still maybe keep their own #59 pick in the process. It's a winner for both sides.
After reading up on it, I'm aware that you can't amnesty Andray Blatche if you trade for him, but I will say this......don't ever underestimate a team's desire to get rid of a bad contract. In 2010, the Sixers were willing to let go of the #2 pick to whoever would take back Elton Brand's contract, but they couldn't find a taker. And let's not forget that the Spurs were willing to sacrifice Tony Parker last year just to get rid of Richard Jefferson.
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