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CCC: Time to Trade Tony

Spurs' future: Time to trade Tony Parker

Understand that I can't stand Melo, but after reading this part of the article, it doesn't seem so far fetched that this could work.

New York gets away from the detrimental isolation heavy offense that Melo brought along and the addition of a pick-and-roll terror like Parker could do wonders for Amare Stoudemire. We're talking career revitalizing wonders. We saw how well he played when it was Jeremy Lin running the show, can you imagine him with Parker? New York would still have a good crop of plug and play role players, the defensive player of the year in the middle and they'd have a brand new offensive culture perfect for the situation. They've shown interest in Parker before and after a disappointing post-season run that brought about several stylistic problems between their two max salary players, now is a pretty good time for them to change things up.

San Antonio gets their new face. Anthony has a negative connotation around his name right now but we've seen countless times before that if you give Gregg Popovich a talented player, he can get rid of all of the baggage he carries. George Karl didn't have the stability to change Melo's mindset. Neither did Mike D'Antoni. And Mike Woodson practically told Anthony to do whatever he wanted near the end of the season. Popovich is the clear king in San Antonio, though, and if you give Carmelo a figure he has to respect, who knows how good he can be, especially when he's in a winning environment.

But what about the point guard spot? You can't trade Parker and not get anyone back to run the show. Even though Manu is capable of doing that, San Antonio would need a true point. So who is the final piece to the puzzle? How about the guy that once eliminated the Spurs from the post-season with one eye swollen shut? How about the future hall-of-fame whose legacy is dying for a ring? Why not get someone that once piloted the most efficient offense in recent NBA history to come in and lead the Spurs' new juggernaut? Steve Nash is a free agent this summer and even though his name is constantly linked to sexy destinations like Los Angeles or New York or Miami, a stint in San Antonio could bring him as close as ever to that ever elusive ring, and he'd be a perfect fit for Pop's new up-tempo offense.

If surrounding Carmelo with Nash, Ginobili, Duncan and Pop isn't enough to break him in as a team player then nothing will. Their starting lineup could be Nash/Leonard/Anthony/Free Agent X/Duncan with Ginobili, Patty Mills, Stephen Jackson, DeJuan Blair and Tiago Splitter coming off the bench. In crunchtime the Spurs could replace Leonard with Manu or they could even go small and play Melo at the four, something he did very well this year. The upside of that core with the Spurs' usually fantastic bench is huge and while they'd have essentially the same window as this current group, I think they would be better than this year's Spurs team was. Plus, San Antonio would have Anthony to build around once it comes time for Duncan, Nash and Manu to retire. I think going after Anthony and Nash while only dispensing Parker not only makes the Spurs better for next year but also paints a brighter picture for their future than their current cast does.
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