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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I have to say that your opinions on the value of players is way off. Blair is not in the top 30 best players out of the draft in the last 3 years. He sucks. Blair will never get playing time as a PF because he can't play more than 3 feet from the basket. He is useless. Anyone we trade him to will immediately regret the trade.

your argument about Joseph is also very weak. If Joseph only went to the D-league because he didn't get a training camp, how did Patty Mills step in from out of no where and score 20+ points in consecutive games. Patty Mills didn't get a training camp. Joseph when to the d-league because he didn't show us anything with the minutes he was given. He had more of a shot than Mills, and didn't take advantage. What makes you think Joseph is more of a true point guard than Thomas? Joseph only averaged 5 assists and 14 PPG in the D-League playing 30+ minutes. Thomas averaged 5 assists and 14 PPG in the Real NBA playing against legitimate NBA players playing the same 30+ mpg. Thomas is 5' 9" and 185 lbs. He is a true point guard if I ever saw one.

Have you watched any Kings games?

You need to spend some time looking at these players stats because I don't have any clue what you are basing your opinions on.
You ought to be out of your freaking mind if you think Blair sucks and is not even in the top 30 in the past 3 years drafts. Are you serious? You don't know your NBA basketball if you think that. Look at his efficiency rating too. It's not bad, as well as rebounds per minute average.

And um no. I am not saying Joseph is better than Thomas. I didn't even say that. I was suggesting he would be an adequate back up to Thomas. And remember, the Kings don't like to spend big money. 2nd lowest in the league behind Toronto.

On top of that, yeah Mills quickly came in and played better than Joseph. He has more experience and actually played quite well in Portland. If the Kings don't like Joseph during summer league, they could waive him or continue to play in their D-leauge.

The Kings would improve with Blair, Bonner, and Joseph. They aren't going to want a project in Drummond, which he is a project. I think the Spurs can afford to take the risk on Drummond.
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