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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I know you didn't ask me, but . . . . . . why would the Kings want Bonner, Blair, and Joseph?
Thompson's value is around $5.0-$6.0 mil next season. They can offer him $4.1 mil but think Thompson will turn that offer down. Plus, they are likely to draft Drummond if still on the board or another PF. Cousins would be their center. So Thompson is gone and they need another PF, which they could use Blair. I think Hayes and Blair are very similar but Hayes underperformed last season for his $6 million pay.

Kings don't have a true point guard. Thomas is the closest for them. Joseph could be pretty good for them.

And they won't be signing Donte Green, and Bonner would replace him and they need a three point specialist with size.

Salaries of Bonner, Joseph, Blair would even out for a Thompson and Whiteside sign and trade.

Spurs would be getting Thompson who is 25, with upside potential, can rebound, pass very well, has a nice 15-18 foot shot, plays hard on defense. He would be perfect to back up Duncan.

Spurs could use a long athletic Center in Whiteside as a back up to Splitter. Whiteside is one of the best shot blockers in the NBA.

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