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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
I mentioned this exact possibility a week or two ago. I do think that if pop and TD were up to the task the fan base would follow suit. It's not like we're talking about a headcases like artest. We have our own SJAX and KG is not near that level, but one thig is certain: if he wants a last shot at a ring I think we'd stand a better chance getting him than say Miami (don't see a player of his caliber and pride going to a team like the heat ). If we get him Timmy could play center once and for all and Tiago and Diaw could come off the bench. Imagine that lineup of bigs with the possibilit of still acquiring Lorbek
The only way imaginable this can happen is if we give up Ginobili. Garnett is going to want $12 mil-$14 mil.

This would mean if keep Ginobili and both Duncan and Garnett sign for $12 million/year each we would have:

1) Parker $12.5 mil
2) Garnett $12 mil
3) Duncan $12 mil
4) Ginobili $14 mil

Four players at $50 mil. No way! And we have Jackson at $10 mil. Unless Boston wants to pick up Jackson's $10 mil, then this could somewhat work. But more than likely Garnett resigns with Boston for $14 mil next season and Allen stays for the Mid-Level exception. And they would have their foursome back.

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