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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Look, I like Ekpe Udoh as much as the next guy. But this trade fails on so many levels.

First of all their salaries do not come anywhere close to matching. So Milwaukee would have to send back a massive amount of contracts to make it work.

That is apart from the basketball issue. Udoh is among the best in the league on a per minute basis as a shot blocker. However, he is mediocre at best at everything else. I would love to acquire him, but giving up a former All-Star for a role player is not a good deal.

I think Milwaukee would fall all over themselves to do a Udo for splitter deal. But I would not even do that.
I believe you can still do this trade technically. Do the salaries have to match in order to trade someone?

Can't a team trade for someone making $14 mil and they would get $7 million in contracts with a first round pick? Is this possible according to NBA rules?
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