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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Here we go again with the blame game. Bonner has a role, it's to shoot when he's wide open. The Thunder have made sure he hasn't been wide open. What that means is that a defender has to run out to him to defend him, that means they respect his 3pt shot, that means the floor is spread out. What people need to ask themselves and be worried about is Manu and why he's sucked so much. Manu is supposed to the savior. Duncan has sucked for most of this series too. But no, it all rides on a role player.
First thing that comes to me when I read this... Duncan and Ginobili atleast play defense. If bonner isn't hitting his shot then he is worthless... Waste of floor time. He has gotten wide
open shots in these playoffs and bricked all but 1 that I can remember. Maybe tonight is his night... But I doubit it considering it's at OKC and a playoff game.
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