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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Kareem was in the league 20 years and making the playoffs nearly every year while being the premier center and tallest guy on the court most of the time. Timmy should not have passed him already.
This is one of those asterisk records.

Blocked shots were not kept as a stat during the early part of Kareem's career. That was classy of Kareem to tweet like that knowing he had blocks that did not get credited during the most athletic portion of his career.

Wilt and Russell would be 1 and 2 but blocked shots were not recorded as an official stat when they played.

In his first NBA game, vs. the Knicks, Wilt scored 43 points, had 28 rebounds, and according to press reports, blocked 17 shots. Referees who officiated a lot of Chamberlain's and Russell's games said that both of them probably averaged at least 6-8 blocks per game over their careers. Both played 160+ playoff games so they probably had at least 900 blocks in the playoffs which is about double what the current record is.

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