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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
The guy's points are entirely valid when you consider that he's talking only about the audience appetite for soap opera in sports.

His context is that people don't watch sports for the athletic excellence. They watch for freak show value and personal drama. Given this premise, drama queens like Kobe Bryant will always be "greater" than Duncan.
I'm telling you......based on this article and others, I think the NBA needs to be molded into the image of the WWE or WWF or whatever they call professional wrestling these days. It's less about legitimate competition and more about the entertainment value.

By the way....I'm joking about thinking this needs to be done. I personally think that legitimate competition is like a box of never know what you're gonna get and you just have to live with it......ratings or not.
Hibbert, who worked out with Duncan in San Antonio during the lockout, said he has grown close to the perennial All-Star. On Friday, he texted Duncan and asked how he should guard him.

"He said, 'Go for every pump fake,' " Hibbert said.
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