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Our first rounder went to Golden State in exchange for SJax and getting rid of Jefferson, not to Indy. Not that it matters, either way we don't have one. Then again, it would've been the 29th pick, so it wasn't all that valuable anyway.

I don't see the Spurs trying to reload in the draft. We've got TP, Manu, SJax, Splitter, Bonner, Leonard, and Blair through next year (as well as Joseph and Mills). Priority #1 will be resigning TD, of course, but we all know that's going to happen.

IMO, priority #2 should be in keeping Diaw. Diaw, Green, and Neal are all off the books after this year, but Diaw is the only one I see as irreplaceable. Green and Neal are excellent for our system, but at the same time, they're also the latest in a long line of shooters that can plug into the system and succeed. If they demand too much money, we can find better valuable for their roles elsewhere. I'd love to see them stay, but we've got some flexibility there. Diaw, on the other hand, brings something to us that other players don't.

I'm no genius on how the salary cap works, but as far as I can tell, resigning Duncan and hopefully Diaw would put us at the salary cap limit for next season, so we'd have to go a bit cheaper on Neal or Green or their replacements. But, I could be wrong.

As much as I'd like to keep him around, I can see the team trying to move SJax after this season -- he's set to make $10 million next season, making him the team's 3rd- or 4th-highest paid player depending on what Timmy resigns for.

I could be totally off on my math here in places, though. The NBA salary cap's so much more than just adding up salaries that it's hard to keep track of.
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