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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Not sure that signing Green, Neal and Diaw are ABSOLUTE necessities. It would be great if they all came back, but at what cost? Keep the long view in mind.

First, I believe that Neal is already signed for next year. So, thankfully, that isn't an issue for this summer.

Diaw has been an extremely good fit on the floor, but what kind of contract will he demand? Spurs would be stretching to pay him the full MLE, and it wouldn't be surprising to see someone else offer him more. Would he leave money on the table to remain TP's lesser-paId roommate?

Green has been a terrific developmental success for SA, but he prospers because of the Spur system. There was a reason Cleveland let him go, and his skills can be replaced if he wants to move on for a bigger payday. What the Spurs would miss in losing him is his corporate knowledge and his willingness to buy Pop's overall strategy. How much is that worth in dollars and years?

A case could be made for Patty Mills as the most important off-season re-signing since the Spurs don't have a legit back-up for TP, and Joseph doesn't yet look ready.

Spurs will have decisions to make regarding Blair and Joseph as two players still operating on very reasonable contracts. Are they trade bait?

Looking forward, it seems to me that the Spurs are ABSOLUTELY committed to Tiago and Kawhi. Everyone else is up for discussion.

Please show me where Neal is signed for next season as everything I see shows him as a free agent.
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