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Lebron reading a book in the locker room, seems premeditated.

Ok this is the second time NBA Countdown shows Bron reading a book before the start of a game. Both times it looks like he is a few pages in. Look to me this looks fake and staged, its just never been what he has ever been known for in the locker room. In fact Steven A went as far as to say that Bron has always blasted music that would offend many ppl. The Countdown commentators had a whole discussion about it and even Steven A and Skip Bayless made a big deal about it being real or staged. The fist first book was The Hunger Games and it was mentioned that he may be looking for infiration. Of course ppl change and that may be a new routine for him now but, what i find suspect and staged is that both times he looks like he is just staring at the pages and like i said before, at the beginning of the book. If he was looking for inspiration you'd think he'd be at the very least midway,through the book. JB just said he knows Magic never read a book before a game. Like i said, everyone is noticing how weird this is, and out of the norm for Lebron.

What do y'all think bout this?
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