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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
*sigh* of course no one can accept we essentially run the same offense as the Suns used to because they never won a title.

we're going with a motion offense (we don't run 7 Seconds or Less, but news flash: neither did Phoenix EXCEPT in practice if anyone read the book/saw the documentary).

the only difference (which is the GREATER difference) is while we're running a motion offense, we have a coach stressing defense with players capable of playing defense (Green/Leonard/Duncan/Diaw). that's the difference. the reason the Suns were dead horrid on defense is because, even when they tried to get defensive minded players, they never had an actual defensive scheme because D'Antoni can't coach it.

if the guy could have coached a lick of defense, the Suns would have been a way more dominant balanced team.
I guess this is your time to stuff it down their throats on the people on here who said you didn't know what you were talking about in what you posted earlier this year. I knew what you were saying back than and DID NOT diagree with your claim on the offense changing. We don't always agree but you know basketball just like I do. Just giving you some kudos even though you never really give me
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