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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
you know, as much as many would label this "Dirk is being classy" stuff, this isn't good for the team (just like Al Jefferson saying the Spurs were the better team). when Jefferson said that, he threw the team under the bus. when Dirk says this, he's throwing his coach under the bus.

i get he's showing respect, but when it comes down to playing the Spurs, Dirk is basically saying Carlisle is going to get outcoached.
I disagree, personally. I don't think every player has to believe that they have the best coach in the league. Anyone who's ever seen a basketball game would agree that Pop is a better coach than Carlisle. I'll bet Carlisle himself would say that Pop's a better coach than him. When you're talking about coaches as decorated as Popovich and Phil Jackson, saying they're the best isn't in any way an insult to your own coach -- your coach could be absolutely incredible. That's just how good Pop is.
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