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Originally Posted by dark21horse View Post
Help me understand. Why does Vinny del Negro need to be fired? I mean, how many times in Clippers history have they been to the second round of the playoffs? I guess this wouldn't be the first time an NBA coach has been fired after having a really good year (Byron Scott I am looking at you). So what they would have to say is that Vinny del Negro is only good enough to get to the second round (something that has never happened in Clippers history), and that they can find someone who can take the Clippers to the WCF and beyond? As we all know, there are quality coaches lining up to coach the..........Clippers. My question is a serious one, why fire Vinny del Negro?
fair question, and i think you're right to say "nobody would want to coach for the clippers," given their history -- last time they made it to the 2nd round was in '06. but never have the clippers had a 4th place candidate in MVP voting, or anyone with as bright a future as Blake Griffin. on talent alone they can win games and make the playoffs, and truth be told the West is so stacked that nothing is guaranteed in terms of advancing to the next round. but his overall decision-making and the team's lack of any real offense, or defensive discipline, is alarming -- it's completely reliant on individual performances (both on O and D).

during the 24-0 run our Spurs laid down on the Clippers, Vinny called ONE timeout during that 8-minute stretch and barely made lineup adjustments -- and this is a young, inexperienced team. i dunno how you just allow another team to just take over in such a critical game and not even attempt to quell the run or come up with some strategy or mid-game adjustments. i think he gets effort from his guys, without a doubt, and he rewards people who are working hard. but he also throws out some really odd lineups at times where you have no clue how they'll even score a bucket.

their offense is atrocious in the half-court, and all his plays are basically requiring Chris Paul to create for everyone, or relying on 1-on-1's. they're incredible when there's havoc on the court, like the memphis comeback they had, which was also spurred by chris paul moreso than the coach's moves (CP3 begged to be put into the game when Vinny had already surrendered).

it really comes down to expectations. if the goal is just to be "good" and fun, Vinny should be fine for the job. if they want to get the best potential out of the team, i think it's understood Vinny has glaring shortcomings. look at Chicago. you could say, "they've sucked since MJ, they should be happy they're in the playoffs", but when you are gifted Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (just like how the Bulls were lucky to get Rose), you do what it takes to not waste the opportunity. when you have Chris Paul or a Derrick Rose, you realize you have a better chance than if your main star is Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh, and you invest accordingly in both the supporting cast and the coach.

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