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The Most Interesting Team in the NBA

Press play then read this thread

Their worst player is an Australian PG that they picked up in the middle of the season after he got finished playing in China. He leads the team in scoring per 36 minutes.

They once spotted a team a 22 point lead, just so they could know what it felt like to make a comeback.

After winning 11 games in a row, they sat their best they could have multiple double digit win streaks.

Once they started a 6'6" center for an entire regular season, and still had the best record in the NBA.

They don't have missed field goals, just opportunities for offensive rebounds.

They signed an overweight, out of shape, washed up, Frenchman who just got cut by the worst team in the history of the NBA, and made him their starter.

They are the most interesting team in the NBA.
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