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Don’t Kick Dirt On Tim Duncan

Don’t Kick Dirt On Tim Duncan
Jim Rome

Timothy Theodore Duncan. Don’t kick dirt on the guy, even if he's older than the dirt itself. Because dude found a time machine and set it 1998... If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he just busted out of Wake Forest and was running with the Admiral last night. Was that Tony Parker feeding him or Avery Johnson?

And the Clippers discovered a couple of things - the Spurs aren't so old, and they aren't the Grizzlies. That's not a team that's going to grip, trip and blow 20-point leads at home. I know the Clips are gassed coming off a long series, but this is going to be a really short one if Timmy is getting up and down like this, - 26 points, 10 boards in 35 minutes and one step closer to a fifth ring. And the old man has never looked better.

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