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Backup PG Issue

As good as the Spurs have looked so far their is still one big glaring weakness that bothers me and that is when Parker is out of the game. We have great bench players and when the starters come out we are often able to maintain or even increase the lead. However, as mentioned here all season and now more apparent since the playoffs have started is the problem of a back up pg. I love Neal, but he is a shooter/scorer not a ball handler/passer. In the Utah series and in this first Clippers game he has had major problems with turnovers when pressured, which is going to be from here on out as every team knows he's not a good ball handler. Same can be said for Manu as he is a little to tall for bringing the ball up. Our lead was cut into in both series so far whenever Parker was out and the other team decided to pressure the guy bringing the ball up. Our leads have been so big so far that this issue has not been a big problem, but will become one in tighter games. Its not like Pop doesn't realize this its just there is no real fix, except maybe that possibility of Patty Mills getting a chance, which doesn't seem likely. Its really the only weakness I see in our team right now. Call me greedy but if we could just figure out a way to keep our offense clicking when Parker goes out, these games wouldn't even be close at all in the 2nd half. Just wondering what others here thought.
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