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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
is showing why he was expendable. Watching him play out of control, reminds me of times when he played for the Spurs, he's just not dependable in big games with the pressure on.
he played horrible. he's not much of a passer and he has to be the distributor on that team as the PG. the passes he was throwing to guys were just not even close to giving them a chance to score. his poor play, stupid foul (like the O foul before calling a timeout), and missing an easy shot late in the game made me glad we traded him.

Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
I was the only one who wasn't shocked when they traded him. He just couldn't raise his play in the playoffs.
talent wise, i knew he'd be expendable, i was surprised he was traded since he was Pop's favorite
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