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Originally Posted by spursfan9 View Post
derick rose, the unquestionable team mvp was completely OUT of the game.
i dont think u can make as much of a deal about this.

doesn't matter what i think tho. i know ginobili having a boo boo will always be a great excuse for gettin punkd by memphis. but the fact is, he was able to play. and tim duncan and tony parker where there. old/tired/banged up. but they played. rose is OUT.
i agree. in an era where you need 2-3 superstars to be a legit title contender, this team was a contender with 1 superstar and an above average cast. once their star went down, they still put up a heck of a fight.

with the level of talent they had, it'd be the same as saying our Big 3 were out and the rest of the team played in a playoff series with no legit star (and we wouldn't have came as close as they did).
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