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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Sure doesn't seem that way the morning after. Looks like with injuries to rose and Noah is reason enough to give them a pass but nobody remembers what happened to our team late in the season heading into the playoffs.
I think Spurs were slowed down by the injury bug last year and lost to the eight seed. .. I personally still can't get over that sour taste last year PO left here.

The degree of difficulty will have to continue to be at the West that is for sure...

Memphis did not reflect the record they had of the eight seed last year, they were better than that. While Spurs were tough and ready to enter the PO and this team is built for the PO. So it was playing a tough team in the first round plus have injuries. That result was not good for Spurs.

This year I am hoping the mentally tough Spurs team which is very deep will continue to play SMART TEAM Ball and keep winning games.... Proving everyone who doubts them that they are for real!!!!

Going one game at a time, one series opponent at a time. One conference at a time!

Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
only 5 teams have lost to number 8 seeds. I personally think the Mavs losing is the worst/embarrassing. but the past is the past...
I 100% agree with you Sleepy!

The degree of difficulty is still at the WEST..

Mavs were Fools Gold with their first seed during that PO. And they were fragile inside to handle a tough PO. While that Golden States Team was a very physical and mentally tough opponent they beat the MAVS very deservingly because those Mavs were not injured and were certainly exposed!!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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