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Pick the Winners Game - Playoffs Edition - Second Round


Here are the final scores for the First Round

Matchups for the Second Round will be as follows:

Western Conference

1) wcsf
4) spurscrazed

2) GalloJD

Eastern Conference

1) pjm

2) fabio
3) esparzar1


Since there is already a series set to start for the second round I think it's time to start this.

The Second Round will have a different format than what has been the regular season and the First Round.

Players will go 1 vs 1 and the way to pick games will be different. Except for the player that goes head to head against me (assuming I make it to the next Round) will PM me your picks choosing not only the winner of each game, but also the margin of victory.
Both the player going against me and myself will PM our picks to someone else I will announce later (probably someone that made it to the Second Round in the other Conference so please be ready to help out in case I ask you to). The idea of this is that players don't know what their opponent is picking until after they have already made their picks.

For example, for Game 1 of the Indiana @ Miami series a proper way of picking would be to send me a PM saying Miami by 5. If the actual result is Miami by 7, you get a margin of victory of 2. If the actual result is Indiana by 3, you get a margin of victory of 8.

The scores will be kept the same way with the addition of the margin of victory score. If there is a tie in the correct picks, first tiebreaker will be percentage, second tiebreaker will be lowest margin of victory and last tiebreaker will be results of the first round.

In case any NBA game of the Second Round is played before the First Round is over, they won't count for PtWG (Pick the Winners Game) First Round results. Only games from the First Round of the Playoffs will count to decide who gets spots 1 to 8 of the First Round of the PtWG and advanve to the Second Round.
Every player with a chance of advancing to the Second Round will still PM me (or a neutral party, I will decide about this when the situation comes up so no one can get an advantage on others) your picks with margin of victory for the Second Round and I'll keep the scores of those when the First Round is over.

Once the First Round is over, Second Round matchups will be settled.
1 vs 8
4 vs 5
2 vs 7
3 vs 6

Since the idea is to keep the Eastern Conference/Western Conference format, the bracket will be split as follows:

Western Conference

1) 1st Place from First Round
4) 8th Place from First Round

2) 4th Place from First Round
3) 5th Place from First Round

Eastern Conference

1) 2nd Place from First Round
4) 7th Place from First Round

2) 3rd Place from First Round
3) 6th Place from First Round

That way we will still have a winner from each Conference that will go against each other in the PtWG Finals.

If there are any doubts, anything I missed or whatever you can think of, feel free to ask.
Also, to the players that have already been in previous PtWG postseasons, feel free to add any observation, clarification or whatever you might consider helpful for the ones that haven't played this format before.
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