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Spurs players were wondering why Raja Bell didn't play...

Bell does not expect to return to Jazz next year.

Bell hopes the Jazz do the right thing and move him before the 2012-13 season. He was open to it before the trade deadline but never asked for trade.

Bell said Corbin was "unprofessional" at the end of the season. According to Bell, Corbin made things personal by playing everyone in the playoffs except for him and it was obvious.

Bell said if he's still on Jazz at the start of next season "we'll cross that bridge" then.

Bell said NBA referees and San Antonio coaches/players asked why he wasn't playing during the playoffs. They never understood what the Jazz were doing.

Bell wanted to move on after his March confrontation with Corbin and thought the Jazz were going to, since they publicly said they would. Bell said Utah was two-faced and Corbin obviously punished him for the remainder of the year.

Bell said there were times this season he didn't know he was active until he was informed pregame by the media.

Jazz's Corbin says Favors could start; Bell, Miles go off on 'unprofessional' Corbin | Utah Jazz Notes | The Salt Lake Tribune
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