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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
I like the subtraction of Blair and addition of lorbek. However I would love to see the spurs retain Diaw after this season and even a bigger role for splitter next year in what will be his last year of contract I think. Although the spurs have fielded their deepest team ever this year, they can do it again next year I hope
My dream lineup

PG - Parker. . . Mills. . . DeColo. . . Joseph
SG - Green. . . Ginobili . . . Neal
SF - Leonard . . Jackson
PF - Duncan . . .Diaw
C - Splitter . . . Lorbek . . . Bonner

Now there is one roster spot left. The question is is Blair good enough for that roster spot?

Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Blair's option is for $1M. That's less than the veteran minimum. Why on earth would the Spurs not resign him? When money is a limiting factor in what a team can acquire, you don't just cut talent when it comes so cheap.

Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Agree. You won't be able to find a big (albeit short, for the oxymoronish of the group) guy for that money.
He should not be a starter. He should be a 15-20 minute energy rebounder. Like Bonner is a 15-20 floor spreading shooter. Define the role, and live with it.

Of course, Blair is always on the trade table. If another team can help fill a need for an energy rebounder, do it. A second round pick isn't enough.
Good point on the value for the money. I would trade him for a late 1st round pick in a heartbeat. Maybe Blair and Joseph for a early/mid 1st round pick.

Originally Posted by rooster View Post
This guy is not spurs know his nick name is no show ROY.
Remember, he is only 23. I think it all boils down to wether or not we can find a better player for that 15th roster spot. I think we won't.
I am never coming back to SpursReport because TimmyDthaWay2B is a horses ass.
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