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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Blair's option is for $1M. That's less than the veteran minimum. Why on earth would the Spurs not resign him? When money is a limiting factor in what a team can acquire, you don't just cut talent when it comes so cheap.
Blair would be expendable (unless we trade him for a low 2nd round pick) if we re-sign Diaw and look to bring in a prospect from overseas in. the question that's gonna linger with Blair is will he accept being the 4th/5th big off the bench?

what the Spurs also have to look into (and the fans who discuss it is), even if Blair comes cheap, what about height like vs. the Lakers or when we need legit help defense in the paint? if we keep Diaw/Splitter/Bonner with Duncan, we can find a 5th big for the vet minimum. Blair doesn't bring more than what Tiago does on the offensive end and a guy like Splitter brings more on defense than Blair (same with Bonner and Diaw). Blair doesn't have a lot of talent or skill besides being a cutter (he doesn't even set a pick for our ball handler, that's why we struggled vs. LA).
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