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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
I don't see Hibbert leaving since he is a RFA period. Pacers have tons of cap space too. On a Duncan pay cut...........I don't see him taking less than 10-11 million a year. He might get 12 million a year. He is going to get what TP and Manu are making more than likely. I think if they go after a RFA it's going to be Batum. They wanted him bad in the draft a few years ago. It's funny how everyone likes Roy H. so much but when was a Georgetown player nobody on here thought much of him. I've always liked him.
That's so true. Nobody liked him when Blair put him on his back in college. As far as Batum goes, only chance we get him is through a sign and trade and parting ways with Blair, green and possibly rights o De Colo. no chance we outright sign him because both Batum and Portland are already saying that they will match everything to keep him in Portland. For him to be in SA, he will need to tell their FO he wants to leave and request to start fielding trade offers.
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