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Originally Posted by Rodny21a View Post
Sorry Guys, but when I play the conjecture game I like too deal with facts and rely on credible resources.

Buck Harvey has in this article said that the Spurs are going to give Duncan a D Rob type extension. Buck in the article sys the "starting poing" is more than HALF his current contract. Well that is more than 11 mill a year.

Consequently all this speculation on offering Hibbers this or Hibberts that. Doing this with Blairs or Diaws or with a partridge in a pair tree is HIGHLY speculative.

Not to mention as it has been said by me and SpurDuncan why would Indiana give up there keystone center when they are rebuilding especially when that center is a Restricted Free Agent?
I'm not denying there's no truth to your numbers but to think of using most if not all, of the cap money to sign Hobbert is ridiculous. How about Lorbek or De Colo who would love for te opportunity to play in SA? Also, Diaw will be a FA and we've loved him while he's been here. I'd like to think how nice it would e I have Roy play for us but it stands almost as much of a chance f happening as does us somehow prying Batum from Portland. Spurs are not a flashy team and will rather spend their money Ina various amount of ways rather than going to one sole avenue in Hibbert. I don't see it happening as much as you obviously would like it to happen. Focus on the playoffs an enjoy it while it's here
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