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Rodny: Please don't make false/foolish assumptions or inferences.

And where did anyone (other than you) cite those specific numbers?

Originally Posted by Rodny21a View Post
Obviously they are. However conjecture is fun I guess.
[*]Why would you want you're future hall of fame to take a minimum salary pay cut?[*]Why would he expect the spurs to offer Tim Duncan a deal worse than the one they gave to D Rob his last 3 years?[*]Finally even at 11 million that's almost a "pay cut " of 50%[/list]
Finally in what world to you all imagine a Front office run by Larry "Legend" Bird willing to part with a budding All Star Center?

Are you mistaking him for Isiah Thomas, or maybe LOL Micheal Jordan?

Still been a fun thread to chuckle at.
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