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Obviously they are. However conjecture is fun I guess.

Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Are you people crazy? Why even talk about this? He's a RFA and they will match any reasonable offer and were in no position to throw the bank at him. No way will IN let him walk and they is just pure nonsense to even speculate. How bout we just trade for Dwight Howard since he's damaged goods haha
However to answer dances question.
  1. Spurs have indicated they will start at 11 mil a year for 3 years with either o player or team option the last year
  2. Why would you want you're future hall of fame to take a minimum salary pay cut?
  3. Why would he expect the spurs to offer Tim Duncan a deal worse than the one they gave to D Rob his last 3 years?
  4. Finally even at 11 million that's almost a "pay cut " of 50%

Finally in what world to you all imagine a Front office run by Larry "Legend" Bird willing to part with a budding All Star Center?

Are you mistaking him for Isiah Thomas, or maybe LOL Micheal Jordan?

Still been a fun thread to chuckle at.

(While hibbert had 9 block shots. He was horrible offensively. The whole team was but Hibbert was in the post against guys 4 or five inches shorter than him. )

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