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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
Well it looks like Rose is done for the year.
That is too bad for him and the Bulls!!! Poor Rose!
I call that Chicago will fight back without him but now with such huge injury so Rose will not be returning at all this playoff.... That makes it really difficult for his team to survive... Therefore I don't think the Bulls will advance to the second round of this PO.

Coach Tom Thibodeau will have to learn from this a huge lesson now.

Playoff coaching is never like regular season coaching and that is only few coaches will survive their teams to the end of that promise land despite having all the talents in the world....

Hope now people who did not appreciate Pop will do more now!!!

The Bulls will 100% advance to the ECSF. They may even make it to the ECF. But, there is no way they'll make it to the finals. This team has proven it can win without Rose. But, in the ECF.

Not to be sore or anything but, a piece of good news, we have homecourt throughout the playoffs now. I know it sounds wrong of me to say but, Chicago isn't making the finals so we have homecourt in the finals...
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