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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
I kind of liken Patty's situation to a deja vu all over again, like that of Jeremy Lin who was given added playing time only to show everybody he has talent. As for signing Patty to a longer term, hopefully Coach Brett Brown can intercede and maybe influence on behalf of the Spurs. If the Spurs win their 5th title, maybe the FO should consider bringing everybody back.
Keeping the team together is a nice thought, but the Spurs tried it after their last title with mediocre results. Players like Oberto had pretty much hit their peaks, and the FO should have made adjustments. But the idea of letting the team defend its title was too tempting.

Timmy has looked brilliant in his limited minutes this year, but he's just turned 36 and has a new contract due. Manu has been a highlight reel over the past few weeks, but he's always one injury away from being useless. Neal, Green and Blair have been great role players, but the FO can't be tempted to pay them as if they were stars.

If the Spurs plan to have relevance after the coming end of the Big 3 era, the team needs to continue being prudent and to continue mapping a new, long-term path.

SA needs to build around TP, Tiago and Kawhi. Keeping highly valuable pieces like Diaw, Green, Neal, Patty and Blair only works if they fit into a modest budget that allows for future flexibility.
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