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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
mark your words......hmmmmmm....just like you siad Kawhi Leonard is overated and not very good?:drummer.
AND this will be Guapo's legacy

i don't think so. if we win a title (big IF), we'll have our bigs locked up next year if Diaw is re-signed, which will be a big priority. we have a team option on Blair and if Boris comes back, he'll most likely be let go to cement our core for the season (Duncan/Splitter/Diaw/Bonner). we won't need a big and if we do, it'll have to be a veteran or raw young guy who can sit most of the season and spot minutes to bigs (this is where the Ryan Richards or that other dude we got from Indiana in the trade come in).

if we have money, we'll be looking to replace Danny Green if he leaves. that will be our biggest priority if it comes to free agents outside this team.
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