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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
Why the DeJuan-Tony P&R is not particularly effective against good P&R defenders

Parker doesn't have the 3-point range to punish Gasol for not showing aggressively. The fact that Gasol doesn't have to commit to Parker completely makes it harder for Tony to turn the corner on him and attack off the dribble before Sessions can recover. By slipping the screen as often has he does, DeJuan gets an easier roll to the basket but also frees up Sessions to help Gasol. With two defenders on him, Parker can't always find the angle to make a pass and has to reset the play. The fact that Blair was guarded by Gasol (an agile and long player; the perfect type to defend the P&R) neutralized the play.
good analysis, it's not only Parker's fault without the 3 though (he has the mid range jumper, so it should neutralize the play). i can't wait for you to post the next installment (i'm a coaching-play nerd as you can tell). the thing that also hurts the Parker-Blair P&R is that Blair is too short without a jump shot so the opposing PG can go under the screen and force Parker into that situation (so you basically have a PG in front of Parker with Gasol in front of Parker's passing lane to Blair). heck if the Lakers wanted to, they can play the big in the paint waiting for the pass/penetration and have their PG go under the screen and make Parker's drive difficult or null from the get go.

this is why i agree with Blair just not playing vs. the Lakers. Diaw can work vs. the Lakers because he can also handle the rock, pick and pop, & pick and roll. while some think i've lost my darn mind (ahem Rz ), this is the same reason why Bonner starting or 1st big off the bench works vs. the Lakers too.

thanks for posting spurscrazed!!
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