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Well the offense will have to run not the way we do it traditionally with TP because it is too easy to shut down by BIG buddies such as of the lakers Front Lineup.

However Spurs must figure the most important thing is when Kobe will play and how to FOCUS on the Lakers and crowd them in the paint and slow them down defensively. We have to find a way to do some small things to slow them down defensively.

But not this team we saw yesterday because when kobe plays it is the real lakers team.

As for small ball as Jose suggested, I am pretty sure Pop will run that 2 PG and all kind of small ball to find the right matchup nightmare. Don't worry lakers are a good team no question and we had in the past some trouble with them but not this year with this MOTIVATED Spurs team.

I TRULY believe that Spurs last night were timid and not aggressive enough because of some sort of being cautious from the fear of being injured or being suspended close to PO. The reason I am thinking that is Pop rested the bigs the night before that and Spurs remembered that last year Manu got hurt right before PO and so did Timmy Duncan.... So perhaps in the back of their mind they are thinking I better not be aggressive because Pop is being cautious and I need to maintain my health blah blah blah.....

We saw tonight how Tony got hurt in the eye and that Pop told his players to stay aggressive and play through rough physical team because not all the time the will get the call and they must get tough and fight through that.... Then it worked and Spurs got tougher and played through and they won the game vs Memphis....

I am confident my Spurs will keep their best to the last and they will have a Great Chance to win Big in the PO if they continue to Focus and play with that bunker mentality through games.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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