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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
if you take Shaq's critics from a "management" or GM standpoint, Steve Nash should've never been a 2 time MVP in 2005-2006 either. Shaq has bitter grapes with Van Gundy because Stan didn't run plays for him (neither did Riley either remember?). Shaq wanted Pat Riley gone after the Heat won a title, does that mean Shaq's right there too?

for all who say Dwight never went to the media and it's not warranted to fault him so much, his agent went public with the demands and Dwight himself told people who went public. WHY NOT KEEP THAT UNDER CLOSED DOORS? he hasn't been a perfect little soldier, but you can't fault Van Gundy for giving into the frustration of having Dwight not want to be there, wanting other players to be beside him besides the guys he already has, and then coming up to Stan like they're best friends.

You're contradicting yourself again and again "Why not keep that under closed doors?"...he did, the agent requested of the team and it went different from going STRAIGHT to the media. Then NONE OF THAT IS REVELANT NOW...BECUZ DWIGHT Its over.

Why is Van Gundy frusrtated all of sudden? He said he knew ALL SEASON about Howard wanting him gone if thats true(which i find it odd that Howard would re-sign if he did INDEED want Gundy gone so badly)..and Gundy said he only cares about the games ahead...if that were true...he would have never brought this up...HE RUINED THE TEAM'S season... but you are giving him a free pass...

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