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Originally Posted by McGyver View Post
What I love most about the Spurs continuing to win, is ESPN is saying nothing about it. Night in and night out, the NBA home page on ESPN shows the Lakers creeping by teams with the likes of New Jersey.

Not just ESPN but Vegas somewhat overlooks them as well.

Current NBA Championship odds are as follows:

Miami Heat 5/4
Chicago Bulls 7/2
Oklahoma City Thunder 3/1
Los Angeles Lakers 10/1
San Antonio Spurs 10/1

IMO, no homer, there is nobody playing better basketball than San Antonio right now. And we're flying under the radar...LOVING IT!!!
Las Vegas sets odds based on nothing more than how they think the general public will bet.
They are hoping that the 10:1 odds will bring in money on SA. If no one bets it, then the line moves to 12:1. Your average Vegas visitor betting on an NBA champ has an idea based more on ESPN than analysis.

Vegas couldn't care less than who wins. They ONLY want to take in more cash than they pay out.
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