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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
I don't think we will shorten the number of players we use down from about 10 so much as guys will get reduced minutes based primarily on matchups.

You are right that now our "big 4" is TD/TP/Manu/Sjax.

But Danny and Kawhi are our best defenders, Blair is a great offensive threat inside, Tiago and Diaw are necessary post players and post defenders, and Neal is just a flat out clutch scorer. So I think all those guys have to be in the mix.

And yeah, you'll see some Bonner too.
I have to disagree with you about Blair being a great offensive threat inside. With all due respect the guy should not get the ball in the post at all. He has struggled time and time again with post moves. His foot work is decent but his shot selection is terrible. Too many times he tries to go at someone who is bigger than him, which is basically all the time, and forces the issue. Him forcing it usually results in a blocked shot, a travel, an offensive foul or a shot that turns into a fast break for the other team. Blair is best used as a sloppy seconds clean up man on the boards or his runner off the pick and roll. Anything else is asking him to do something that he is not ready to do at this point... Would much rather see Splitter and Diaw getting the ball in the post and see Blair on the bench.
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