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The Suns is exactly what I thought (also for Ian). But he's got talent. We're talking a guy who was the #19 pick coming out of college as a freshman. He was considered a bargain at that pick and only dropped that low because he was still very raw as a freshman. He has shown some great stuff out there but he will need to be coached up to be a good player.

There are some out here who would want to take a flyer on a guy with All-NBA talent who is injured now and has never shown he can stay healthy in the NBA (Oden). I would make the argument we should take a flyer on a guy with lottery-type talent who hasn't made it due to mostly mental issues.

We have done the same thing in the past with guys like Sjax (success) and James White (failure). But the risk/reward on a guy who is young, healthy, talented, and cheap would IMO tilt in favor of signing a guy like this.

I really wouldn't care if it's Diaw, Turiaf, or Hickson. But all three give us a little more size, athleticism, and skill than we currently have from Blair and Bonner.

This roster really only has two legit big men. We have four guys who play the "big man" positions but one is an undersized rebound hog and layup drill specialist and the other one is a three point specialist and hoagie connoisseur. A third true big man would be nice.
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