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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
that's just me, i don't think just because a millionaire who steals money deserves to have anything physically done to him. if Green did it intentionally, would it justify a scrub taking Green out since it was a dirty move? as a Spurs fan, you're probably gonna say all the Spurs are model citizens? i love Bruce and Horry, but they weren't saints at all. i was always waiting for the moment when someone would try to take them out.

i'll admit Chris Paul may be a crybaby or a douche, but i don't believe the guy deserves any physical harm for the stuff he's done. now if he punted a 6 month old baby, then we can talk, but most of his actions of flopping (i.e. Ginobili?) or crying about fouls (i.e. Duncan?) or stealing food (stuff that doesn't harm anyone physically) doesn't deserve a hit, let alone a broken nose.
I never said he deserved a broken nose by a punching fist or anything like that just that I did not feel sorry for him when it was confirmed broken. Green did not mean any harm at all. No I'm not a spurs are all saints type of fan. Bowen was dirty at times and Horry punched David Robinson in the nuts on purpose back in the early 2000s before he became a spur. I like Chris Paul the player not the person. Karma works in different ways. He got his. I'm happy justice was served by accident!
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