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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Ok, we get it. You just don't like RJ. But this goes along with all the other scapegoats, they are not the reason the Spurs lost in the playoffs. Right now, RJ is fitting well and the Spurs are gelling, with the prospect of Manu joining the team soon. There's no reason to bring Jackson. I will give you that RJ is overpaid. Your reasoning is that he helped the Spurs win a ring in 2003. At this point, he's not worth the trouble. Now if you're going to trade RJ, you do it for something you need.
There are players that I disliked (Horry) but helped the Spurs eventually. I disliked K-Mart but would have welcomed him here. I don't like RJ' s play. I never blamed RJ for losing that playoffs. I just said two goose eggs does not help the cause. It's about performance versus liking a

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