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Originally Posted by nyco001 View Post
hey, I'm in, but I'm not at home and the draft time is not not excellent to me... because I'm in france :-)
I left a message in our league, so if you can postpone it to tuesday or wednesday or thursday, it would be cool...
a compatible franch time would be 6pm texas time, but I could try to wake up, but not today....

than ks if you can move it!
Just saw your message Nicolas. Unfortunately I cannot move the draft time with only 3 hours to go. Wouldn't be fair to the other managers who have worked tonight into their schedule.

You are welcome to set your draft order and let the computer select according to your rankings. Just make sure you take guys off your list like JR Smith, Brandon Roy, Kenyon martin, Wilson Chandler, etc who are not playing in the league this year due to injury or being stuck in China.

If that won't work for you, and you need to drop out, I understand. Just let me know ASAP so I can scramble for a replacement manager.
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