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Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
If Butler didn't accept our offer verbally, this is a very bad decision for Spurs organization. Because:
1- They will pay 30M for the player which will not play. OK it comes off salary and luxury tax, but Spurs will pay the money at all. I don't know it will be trimmed or not when RJ signs with an other team. For example if he signs 3 years 15M contract with us, will we pay 30M to him or 15M?
2- This amnesty clause can be used once in next 10 years and the organization would need it in future.
3- RJ was a trade beit, despite his lucrative contract. I don't believe that none of the other 29 teams would get him in a trade. We would use him for a big man trade like Kaman.
4- We don't have anybody to use in trade right now and we should use our chance on free-agency by spending only MLE. When we look at history, only few populer free agents accepted us. If none of Butler, Josh Howard and Battier accepts us, we will have to play with a garbage player or rookie in SF position.
The amnesty clause is only valid for players currently signed. If RJ were to be traded, the other team cannot use the amnesty clause on him.

RJ, Bonner, Manu and Parker are the only long(ish) term contracts of any large(ish) amount. That's your list of Spurs amnesty candidates.
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