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so I had my first's only a 8 man league (was supposed to be 10 but people didn't sign up) anyways....I'm stupid loaded with, I just hope all my drafts go as well as this one. We drafted def players as well and have a deep bench. Check out my line-up

QB- Tony Romo
RB- Arian Foster
RB- Jammal Charles
WR- Hakeem Nicks
WR- Miles Austin
TE- J. Finley
FLEX- J. Maclin
DST- Bears
D- P. Willis
DB- E. Weddle
K- Gostkowski

Dez Bryant
Beenie Wells
M. Lynch
C. Benson
P Garcon
D. Amendola
James Harrison

loaded from top to bottom, but in a 8 man league you kinda expect that. Still. I got (what I beleive to be ) 3 top 10 RB's and 2 top 10 WR...I'm happy
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